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Quality Small Removal Services

Moving house or your furniture is not always a big task; sometimes it can be just limited to little furniture or just one item.  When our needs are a just limited all of us always do not wish to pay much higher price than that of the services we opt. When it comes to process there are van and man services available, but what if it’s just a few items or a single item you want to remove, that wouldn’t fit into your car but yet it would be too small to be delivered in the removal vans? Well we have the solution for you.

Our Services

Since the time of establishment, we have been showing a great growth in the removal services and had increase in the number of customers.  We include modern equipments, repair our tools very frequently and also show great commitment and dedication towards our services.  Our team carries out any kind of removals for you from a single box to complete removal of your house, apartments or office.

Our Crew

Our team will arrive at your destination to carry the service for you. Our crew will collect your furniture, transit and deliver them on time to the right destinations. The crew is well trained and skilled. Our crew specializes in apartment removals, houses and offices.

Removal Vans

Our vans are specialized for the small relocation. All the vans are fitted with tail lifts having the capacity to lift minimum 750 Kg. The vans are always fully equipped to carry out a safe transit, including trolleys, blankets etc.

Safety during Transit

Our vans are completely equipped with trolleys, blankets, straps and tools. The furniture to be removed is covered in blankets to protect from cracks and scratches.  Also the items are packed in clean and dry felt padding for protection. Items are arranged in vans and fastened with straps and ropes, to prevent shaking during transit.


Arranging a small move to suite your needs is the most efficient cost reducing way. Larger Lorries are difficult to maintain and expensive when it comes to their operating.  Along with these there are other expenditures such as trade association membership fees, compulsory staff payments and park permits and others. Such extra costs are also considered in making a quotation, hence choosing regular man and van service for smaller removals end at loss for you. Rather our specialized small removal services are the ideal for you.