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Packing Services

Moving house or business is probably one of the most stressful events of your life. It is well known to us how much time it consumes when packing begins. Packing is the most important and crucial point in moving house or business. As soon as you decide to move to a new location, you start thinking about the stuff you will have to pack and load and unload and then unpack. Some people like packing and they start it with great excitement but some people just cannot stand the stress and call for professional help. If you belong to the second category of people, leave this tedious task to us and be at peace.

What do We Offer You?

Home PackingFrom our experience, we know that packing is not an easy job. We offer our customers different packing options. Some people want their stuffs to be packed with their own hands because of their association with each item they have. In such a case, we provide them with the best quality packing material for every type of items. We also do the part and full packing on request. If our customers want us to pack only their delicate stuff like sculptures, delicate and precious furniture, mirrors, photos and frames, we do that for them. We totally believe on respecting our customers’ wishes and deliver services accordingly.

How do We Pack

As stated earlier, packing is not an easy job. Even if it is little stuff it becomes too much when packing is started. It needs a proper start and from our experience of packing, we know what items should be backed first and what items should be packed in the last. Also, we do not just wrap the things in papers or put them in boxes. We know that every item needs different type of packing so we do the job accordingly. We take special care with documents. This is why we provide with special packing services to students and businesses. If you have some items that you cannot move to your new place at the moment, we keep them with us in secure and safe location.

Survey Before Packing

The special thing about our packing service is that we survey the home before we start packing. Taking a glance at the things to be packed makes it easy to decide where to take the start. We do this for our customers free without any obligation. This gives us the idea of what should be packed right now and what things can be packed in the end. This helps our customers to know of the things they have not seen since long. They can relive their memories and can get their things packed at the same time.

Booking and Rates

Our booking form contains all the necessary information needed and gives you a clear picture of the rates according to packing services you want. In this way it becomes easy for our customers to decide on the package they want to have. We also pack for you on short notice.