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Ideal Business Relocation

When you are moving your office maybe to another building, across the town or to another side of the country, there are many complications and interruptions of work you will have to face. As a resolution for all your worries, we have the specialist experienced team who ensures that whatever the challenges in the way to get your job done in the right time, with the minimal disturbance for you.

Innovative Solutions

Our experienced team can skillfully coordinate your commercial move around the country, including a large number of staff or a few. With consulting with the major staff to gather knowledge about your business and the objectives, our business relocation consultant will plan a specific moving program to fulfill the tasks.

In order to increase efficiency we provide a number of strategies such as cost-efficient, space planning, supplying new furniture, dismantling and re-assembling your furniture, green ways of disposing the discarded items.

With our flexibility and innovative ways we ensure safe and secure delivery and minimum disruption of your day-to-day activities, saving your time and efforts.

Range of Commercial Relocations

We provide a range of commercial relocations, including commercial moves of your office while your business is still in progress, internal office moves, multi-site relocation moves and specialist moves which covers large scale relocation projects such as hospitals wards to museums. We also provide special storage, IT de and re-commissioning, special labeling systems and records management.

Client Satisfaction and Health Assessments

Our top priority being customer satisfaction we thrive towards it also having concern on health and safety issues of both your stuff and ours too. You can take the burden off your mind of the safety issues tend to be met while we make a complete relocation of all your equipments and office files, documents etc. safely to the destination.

Our business relocation consultant will design bespoke move program where everything from the initial move to the last replacements are under our concern, and we be with you.

Business Relocation

The reputation of London House Removals has been built on the successful relocation of offices in any sizes and shapes, and a major part of our business relocation work is mainly is based on repeat or referred business work, thus gaining the customers appreciation on our commitment to work, reliable services and great value to the money.