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Furniture Removals

When it comes to house removal the overall itself is tiresome and hard requiring much effort and expenditures.  The hardest part is removing all those valued furniture with safety and transporting them to the destination safely, as they are oversized and do not fit in your car yet hence requiring reliable services.

Service History of Our Company

Our Company has been in the relocation industry for over 10+ years and operating in and areas around London. Our dedicated services, well trained man services, well maintained and equipped vans, modern technology and professional work at affordable prices have led to a greater customer satisfaction, where they come back to us and also have made referrals of our company among their family and friends.


Our team will arrive at your residence on any day before on your request and conduct estimation for you. This is a volume estimation that is done based on the furniture you require to remove regardless of the date and destination, and this doesn’t include others cost such as packaging and storage, but is an assess for the truck requirements and cost.

Protective Packing

It is not just only the fragile items or the glass wares that require protective and special packaging but also your furniture require it. Utilizing the furniture blankets gives you confidence about the safety of your furniture and you can relax during the move.

Furniture Blankets from Us

We provide you with high quality cotton / poly blend soft and durable blankets, available in two different sizes. They weigh an approximate of 5 pounds per blankets and ensure long lasting wear. We use the blankets to wrap your furniture, or you can buy the blankets from us in a self move. These blankets ensure there are no scratches or chipping on your furniture.

Safety during Transit

Your furniture wrapped in blankets is safely loaded into our vans, which are equipped with straps, ropes and trolleys for safe loading and transit.  We have trolleys to move your furniture to the vans and load them safely. The furniture are loaded and well strapped to prevent ant dislocation and damage during transit.

Storage Facilities

Are facing space problem due to de-clutter we provide you with secure storage solutions; it can be any furniture, sofa, wardrobes, pianos and even a chest of draws we have the storage for it. We provide you with safe storage facilities in its ware houses, closer to your destination. The storage are clean and free of damp, ensuring maximum security to your furniture.